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When small-business owners and other property owners purchase or sell commercial property, the commercial transaction is best managed by an experienced commercial real estate lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney can protect one’s interest in the property and help reduce the risk of costly mistakes.

At Gordon F. Gault, P.C., Chicago, Illinois, commercial and industrial real estate attorney Gordon Gault can ensure that you get good title, and that you get good property interest in a leasing situation. We will ensure that you understand the process, that proper documentation is provided and that the money works. We can save our clients thousands of dollars down the line by avoiding mistakes. Contact Gordon today to discuss your commercial and industrial real estate needs.

Cases we handle include:

  • Preparation of loan documents for commercial transactions
  • Contracts to buy and sell
  • Buy/Sell commercial and industrial real estate
    • shopping centers
    • multi-unit residential dwellings
    • warehouses
    • manufacturing plants
    • large apartment complexes
  • Real Estate Management
    • vendor agreements
    • landlord and tenant disputes
    • contractor agreements.
  • Commercial leases
    • shopping centers
    • office space
    • tenant and landlord representation;
    • forcible actions

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Commercial lease swap – two commercial tenants wish to exchange their currently rented spaces with each other. One space is larger than the other. Our client needs us to help negotiate the correct lease assignments and landlord approvals in order to actualize the exchange.

Our firm recently completed the commercial real estate sale of a 71 unit building

  • This tax free commercial real estate sale was completed as tax free for both seller and buyer
  • The buyer and seller reside in different states
  • Our firm settles outstanding liens that complicated the sale

In real estate, corporate work and all of our other practice areas, we emphasize the importance of organizing your future through careful planning. It is important to have in place a long-term plan when buying commercial property, just as it is when setting up a business corporation. We have extensive experience handling real estate and commercial transactions.

At Gordon F. Gault, P.C., we can assist you with all aspects of commercial and industrial real estate transactions. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Gordon F. Gault, P.C., serves clients in Cook County and Lake County

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Chicago Commercial Real Estate Attorney, Gordon F. Gault P.C.

Chicago Commercial Real Estate Attorney, Gordon F. Gault P.C.